Founded in 2000, Eirplay is a leading Web & wireless games publisher. Working with our clients and distribution partners, we have produced over 30 casual games for all platforms including PCs, PDAs and Java mobile phones. In 2005, our games were approved under the Java Verified Program, a benchmark industry quality standard. We have a highly experienced production team who always deliver quality, creativity and value on each of our projects. We are committed to creating innovative and exciting digital media projects for our clients which include advertising agencies, mobile service providers and online publishers.

- DIT Docklands Innovation Park Enterprise Awards 2003: Highly Commended
- Irish Digital Media Awards 2004: Game Developer of the Year
- EquityNetwork All Island Seedcorn Competition 2004: Highly Commended

The Eirplay team has developed a proprietary mobile software development kit (Eirtec) for use in standalone & online mobile games and media applications. Eirtec can be deployed on 3G networks and is designed to work on Java and smart phone handsets.

Commercial partnerships
Eirplay has an extensive portfolio of mobile & Web entertainment content and has established distribution channels in Europe and the US. For more information, please contact us for details.

Eirplay is a private limited company registered in Ireland, registration number 339945 with the Companies Registration Office. The company’s offices are located in the Digital Hub, Ireland.

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