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Fantasy Football Manager

Fantasy Football Manager is a mobile game based on popular fantasy sports games that are typically played through the Web.


Fantasy Golf

Fantasy Golf Mobile is a mobile game based on the rules of standard fantasy golf. It uses data from well known tournaments and has additional features such as private games and content ordering.



As your team's star ball kicker, it is up to you to beat the number of successful kicks made by the opposing teams kicker.

Monster Madness

Our planet is under attack by crazy monsters. It is up to you to take to the skies and defend our planet by blasting these monsters into pieces.



With Mobile Crosswords, you can now play and enjoy your crossword at any time, anywhere and save it at any stage to continue later.



Pitstop is a Formula 1 strategy racing game, which takes place during a typical Formula 1 season. The game features both tactical and action elements.



As The Atomic Claw, battle your way through the murky depths of the ocean floor. Facing you are armies of hideous sea creatures - fight them to survive!



Help Irish soccer star Penno to victory in the World Cup of Soccer Skills. Quick fingers are needed.


Crazy Creche  

You are a big baby and you are hungry! Move around the screen and collect all the available milk bottles.


Curse of Khofu  

Defend your pyramids and temples from armies of demon creatures by catching & throwing ancient Egyptian weapons.


Toxic Terrors  

As an intrepid eco warrior, you and your shipmates are trying to clean up our last great natural resource – the sea.


Strike Attack  

As ace fighter pilot Topper Austin, your dangerous mission is to fly numerous sorties over enemy territory, taking out a set number of targets.


Luv Bug  

Take this quick mobile compatibility test to see if you and your partner are the perfect match. You must match the sequence of hearts to pass each test.


Sports Quiz  

Sports Quiz is a fun quiz game developed specifically for the mobile phone market. A simplified user interface means Sports Quiz is a great game for casual gamers to play on the move.


Championship Jockey  

Irish Championship Jockey is an arcade style racing game that puts you in control of a jockey and his horse. Can you beat the other horses to the finish line?



The Moai statues of Easter Island are mysteriously coming to life. Armed with only a hammer, you've got to knock some sense in to those mischievous Moai.


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