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  A 2 player general knowledge quiz game. Fingers on the buzzers!

Cities of the World

Test your knowledge of the world. You will be given a clue for each city. When over the correct city, you then get the next clue. You have a time limit of 100 seconds


Crosswords is an online crossword game containing a simple user interface and allows players to check how many correct answers they have, at any stage.


Foot n' Mouth

Foot and Mouth is a funny look at how to rid your flock of the highly dangerous disease. The player is in control of "taking out" all the infected animals, in hilariously different ways.


Invasion of the Astro Lobsters

Earth has been invaded by vicious aliens and it is up to the player to kill as many as possible using their laser gun. Several levels of alien blasting lie ahead.



It is the World Cup and the teams remain deadlocked after playing a full game. Now its your turn to step up to the penalty spot and take your team to victory.



As a young ambitious property developer, you need land permits and cash to keep expanding your empire.


Road Racer  

Race around the streets of Dublin in this crazy top-down arcade racer.




Guide our hero, Sam, through the dangerous circuit board avoiding all the nasty viruses.




Your task is to clear the last of the old Irish currency. You will have a set time limit for each level so you need to work quickly!



Brain Power  

In this educational game it is up to you to construct a robot and then try to correctly answer some multiple choice questions about it.



Fantasy Soccer  

Pick and manage your squad in this online version of the extremely popular fantasy football game.




I'm A Scientist..  

You control a crazy scientist who has shrunk himself down in order to get inside an infected body. It is up to you to kill all of the deadly bacteria.



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