Digital Entertainment:      Revenue++  Customers++  Branding++

In the $32 billion video game industry, online & mobile games are now the key drivers of growth. This growth presents new commercial opportunities for media publishers and content holders. At Eirplay, we produce advanced Web & wireless entertainment solutions that deliver value to both our content and retail partners.


Who benefits from our games

Mobile Operators: Our entertainment portals and multiplayer gaming systems result in increased SMS & data revenues and more online users.

Advertisers: With a track record of producing creative and eye grabbing games, we can deliver your client’s message to the digital media population.

Publishers/Broadcasters: Using our Eirtec technology, we can maximise the digital entertainment value of your content across all platforms.

Sports Publishers: With our mobile sports products, we can commercialize your sporting content and ensure maximum digital value for your brand.

Educators/E-learning: We provide comprehensive gaming & animation content for leading educational organisations and e-learning companies.

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